NRA First Steps - Pistol Orientation

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New to shooting, or it's been a while since you last shot? Maybe you just received a new pistol and are not quite sure how to best shoot your new handgun.  Sign up today for the First Steps Pistol Class.

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This "soup to nuts" class takes you and a small class on the range with one of our skilled instructors. You will learn how to hone your shooting ability and improve your accuracy.  We'll cover:

  • Handgun parts
  • Shooting Stance
  • Grip
  • Sight picture
  • Sight alignment
  • Trigger control and follow-through

We'll take time to work our skills using dry-fire practice to begin to build muscle memory, and quickly move to live-fire shooting.

When it's all said and done, together we'll field strip and clean the handguns to give you the confidence, attitude, knowledge, and skill needed to be successful in the shooting sports.